Dana started performing comedy shows at the age of 7 in Michelle Meade’s backyard. She continued performing throughout elementary school where she would shove peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in her face to make the kids at the lunch table laugh. Unfortunately her mom was the lunch lady and young Dana would have her creativity stifled by the hair-netted Judy. But that didn’t stop young Dana. She continued pulling shenanigans and hyjinks throughout elementary and high school (middle school is considered the dark years...and we do not speak of them). Upon graduation Dana received the highest honor John F. Kenned High School awarded: Most Likely To Appear On Def Comedy Jam. Not being black, Dana was perplexed, but then remembered her southern Italian roots and silently thanked her ancestors for getting it on with the moors. Throughout college and her 20’s Dana did various types of performance throughout the country, including plays (towns person number 3 in Our Town...she’s very modest, that’s why we had to put that in parentheses...and she’s a bad speller) and improv troupes. Her life experiences,love for performance, and the dream she had in the second grade of doing stand up (also the year that the challenger exploded...the two are not connected though)has led her here.

Dana LoVecchio

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