Hey guys, I'm a comedian. I've been on Comedy Time TV on Hulu, Comcast and Nick Mom. Lots of newspapers and stuff have also written about me. It was pretty cool.

I moved to New York after a while and experienced poverty. It sucked. So, I moved back home. Maybe I'll go back one day.

I've performed with some of the biggest names in the business — Christopher Titus, Dave Attell, Aries Spears, Steve-O and a lot of others, too. I'm the winner of the 2011 Salt Lake comedy Festival. I've done other things you might not care about as well. Like, performing in the Rocky Mountain laugh off, The Utah arts Festival, the Ventura comedy Festival and the Boston comedy Festival.

Andy Gold


My Clips

5 stars
Home Movies

Andy Gold's parents gave him an interesting sex talk.

5 stars
Strapped For Cash

Andy Gold needs a bit more jingle in his pocket.

5 stars
New York City Crazies

Andy Gold on the specific brand of New York crazy.

5 stars
To Do List

Andy Gold is scratching "To-Do-List Joke," off of his to-do list.

5 stars
5 stars
Desperate For Money

Andy Gold is desperate.

5 stars
Memorable Swordfish Scene

Andy Gold has some questions for Halle Barry.

5 stars
Broken Bathroom

Andy Gold explains an awkward moment in the bathroom!

5 stars
Dream Job

Andy Gold explains that for his dream job he would construct alternative endings to well known movies, like Titanic.

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